Praia de Cabanas

The old fishermen’s village of Cabanas has grown rapidly since the late 1970s. With several holiday complexes and even a karaoke bar it is one of the most “touristy” places in the Eastern Algarve. But if this doesn’t keep you away, you will discover a beautiful beach with a wonderfully located bar/restaurant where you can walk for miles. The ferries run every few minutes and take you to the beach even in the winter months.


There’s even a kite surf school on the beach. In the village itself you find what is probably the best restaurant in the entire Algarve, Noélia e Jerónimo, as well as other good restaurants like “O Pedro” or the inexpensive but good “O Monteiro”. If you don’t feel like lying in the sun, you can book a dolphin or bird-watching tour in Cabanas village.

[A preview of what expects you at Noélia’s unique restaurant.]

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